• Date :   1 mar 2018
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"Hi Ghosts, still there? Because it would be a shame to miss the opportunity we’re about to announce.

Starting next week, your performance in PvP and PvE will allow you to receive some crazy rewards. Here’s the deal: each month, we announce competitive challenges in PvP and PvE. Unlike previous challenges, Ghosts, only the best soldiers will deserve the rewards. It will require a lot of fight and a strong desire to surpass the other Ghosts. These challenges are for Ghost Recon Network members only, so create your account now so you can get all the bonuses!

We want to test your competitive spirit with a simple concept: the Top 10. At the end of each challenge, the top 10 players will receive the rewards. That means you have to be the best player of the period."

Achas que a competição vai-se dar?


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